Wedding videos Maui Hawaii
Client:Natalie & Matt
Date:July 08, 2015

Natalie & Matt – Sugarman Estate Wedding, Maui

An upcountry Kula party and a Makena wedding

There’s a part of Maui, known as upcountry, that many visitors to the island don’t know exists. We happen to live upcountry and it’s an entirely different world up here. We are surrounded by rolling hills, horses, sheep, cows, wild pheasant, goats, ranches and Hawaiian cowboys known as paniolos. We can see the beach and the palm trees a few thousand feet below but otherwise you might not know you are in Hawaii. The night before the wedding Natalie and Matt threw an incredible party on a family ranch just down the road from our own home. We’re talking cowboy hats, BBQ, bluegrass music and hay bales! It was a blast. The wedding was back down the road at the oceanfront Sugarman Estate and it was equally epic. And HUGE! We’ve never seen so many people at Sugarman’s before. Natalie and Matt have an incredible family and group of friends. It was a truly joyous wedding week!