Wedding videos Maui Hawaii
Client:Justin & Tim
Date:October 08, 2015

Justin & Tim – St. Regis Princeville Kauai, Wedding

Beautiful Kauai destination wedding

This is a special one for us. It’s not that we play favorites, we love all our couples equally, but this one is special because it went viral. Portions of this film have appeared on TV around the world and have been used in various marriage equality campaigns. Still today we continue to get comments and emails about this wedding film and how it has affected people. It has been overwhelming and beautiful to witness. People have written to tell us it has given them the courage to be themselves and love who they love without any apologies or shame. The thing that really touched us the most were the people who wrote to tell us they were undecided or even against marriage equality until they saw Justin & Tim’s wedding film and it convinced them they were wrong. It means a lot to us. Love is love!